Eric Meyer and
Tantek Çelik  are running a  developer-day  session on
microformats at this year’s WWW 2005 conference. This is an effort to add semantic meaning to objects (such as images or hyperlinks, for example) … and includes discussion about social networks (xFN – xhtml Friends Network). Visit Rubhub and XHTML Friends (for xFN application) and (application of
hCalendar for events). Rohit Khare spoke on
hReview (standard set of tags for reviews — books, movies, etc). An interesting and practical set of applications for the
semantic web. Rohit also pointed us to JotSpot — the wiki that works like you expect (mark-up-wise).

Links to presentations and/or sites referenced (will be revised as I find the links):

By Kathy E. Gill

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