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Politics, meet Internet time

The Blogging of the President: 2004 brings us news of a Bush Ad Satire which hit the Net less than 24 hours after the official ad hit the airwaves.

Tools like Final Cut Pro and broadband internet have reduced the cost of creating and releasing high quality video worldwide by several orders of magnitude. From a $100,000 AVID station and satelite feeds costing $1000 an hour or more we move into an era of a $5,000 digital media editing systems and a few hundred dollars a month for high-quality media hosting on the internet backbone.

The result, according to Music For America, “uses much of the script of the original ad, but with a few key additions.”

The satire requires Quicktime.

Music for America itself suggests a bellweather change in politics as usual. Hope the wind doesn’t escape their sails like it did Dean’s.

By Kathy E. Gill

Digital evangelist, speaker, writer, educator. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill

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