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Update notes: iTunes, “Big Mac”

Apple outsells Napster
Latest news from Apple is that the iTunes store sold 1.5 million songs during the same period that Napster sold only 300,000 songs. Roxio, which owns the revived Napster, contested the claims, as it announced a deal with Penn State University. Apple’s iTunes effort was reported here on 18 October, with 21 October follow-up

Related reporting in Forbes (7 Nov); The Guardian (7 Nov); Wired News (10 Nov); Seattle Times (10 Nov)

VPI Supercomputer
On Saturday, the Seattle P-I reported on this innovation, the use of G5 Macs to create the world’s third fastest supercomputer. See my 30 October blog.

Also reported in CBS News Canada (7 Nov); (8 Nov); The Indian Express (9 Nov)

By Kathy E. Gill

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One reply on “Update notes: iTunes, “Big Mac””

I really don’t think it is fair for Apple to compare themselves to Napster at this point.

iTunes has been up and running for a much longer period of time and therefore has been able to establish a larger customer base.

Nice site, btw.

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