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Twitter will relax its 140-character limit

UPDATED The big news in today’s announcement from Twitter: media attachments (images, video, links, polls) will no longer “count” against the 140-character limit that is the platform’s defining characteristic. When will it happen? Sometime “over the coming months.” Other changes: The user-name(s) that leads a “reply” (an @ tweet that is a REPLY not a brand-new […]

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Deconstructing RumsfeldOffice: real or parody Twitter account?

Parody accounts are okay on Twitter. But how can you tell if an account is for real? Twitter provides two tips: The bio should indicate that the user is not affiliated with the account subject by stating a word such as “parody,” “fake,” “fan,” or “commentary,” and be done so in a way that would be […]

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Twitter turns nine today

In celebration of Twitter’s ninth birthday today, Jack Dorsey thanked journalists for being the second group to adopt the platform. And he opined about the importance of journalism to a functioning democracy. 4/After the tech early-adopters, journalists were next to take to Twitter. They used it as a source, to break news, and to link […]

It’s in your hand: smartphone cameras and sexual harassment

In the shadow of #gamergate*, here’s a refreshing story of empowerment and focused anger. And another way your smartphone is your friend. Nude photos, rape threats, mass shooting scares: Welcome to the disturbing chaos of #Gamergate — Mother Jones (@MotherJones) October 16, 2014

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TrueTwit for spam control?

I was setting up a new Twitter account for a client and got my first ever TrueTwit validation email. Here’s what the site says about its service: By signing up now for TrueTwit Basic, all of your new followers are sent a validation request via direct message. If your follower successfully completes the CAPTCHA (or is […]