Moral Ambiguity? Claim Of Sexual Assault Versus Copyright Infringement

On Thursday, the Facebook section of the Internet demonstrated pitchfork mentality towards one Judith Griggs, who had allegedly asserted that content on the Web is public domain. On Friday, Google tech writer Noirin Shirley accused Google engineer Florian Leibert of sexual assult at an after-hours party during ApacheCon in Atlanta. Guess where the pitchforks were […]

On Internet Censorship: ACTA and COICA

Here’s the money quote: For much of the 20th century, oligarchs have made bucket-loads of money by being able to monetize culture through increasingly-generous copyright protections (every time Mickey Mouse was about to lose his, critics contend). They will not give up those cash cows quietly, even as digital technologies render their opposition moot, in […]