Social media tips and reminders from #WLW14

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What happens when Hubspot pulls together representatives of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with the goal of holding the world’s largest webinar?

For the answer, see the Storify below. But I have three points for webinar organizations/presenters:

  1. Acknowledge where you’re providing  basic info for level-setting or background. Let us know that you know the info is basic, which implies that momentarily your info will be worth hanging around to hear.
  2. Put data points on the visuals being shared with the live and future audience, so you can avoid having “39″ reported as “45.”
  3. Never ever ever skimp on audio quality.

Beefing Up Facebook Security: How To Set Up Two-Step Verification


FacebookOne way to make it harder for bad guys to access your online accounts is to require more than a username and password to access an account.

Google uses a two-step verification process tied to account credentials and your mobile phone. So does Facebook.

And as Alex Howard points out, security has always been important but events are conspiring to suggest just how important.

Learn how to set up two-step verification on your Facebook account. Important for anyone, the higher your public profile, the more important.

This means journalists, professors engaged in public scholarship (especially when controversial), celebrities (authors, musicians, actors, directors, models, athletes ….), politicians (of all stripes, elected or candidate), political appointees, judges and high profile lawyers … anyone who manages a Facebook page for someone else …  the list goes on.
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Complicated Privacy Policy Bites Former Facebook Marketing Director Zuckerberg


In an exchange captured by Buzzfeed, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister and former marketing director Randi Zuckerberg posted a candid family photo on Facebook about “the family’s reaction to the site’s new ‘Poke’ app.”

Vox Media’s Callie Schweitzer saw the photo in her Facebook newsfeed and tweeted it. Zuckerberg objected.

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Fighting Fire With Fire: Dad Shoots Laptop, Posts Video


A North Carolina dad, Tommy Jordan, reached his wits end on Wednesday after his 15-year daughter posted a rant on her Facebook page, a video “disrespectful” to her parents. He pulled out a pistol and shot her laptop dead. And he videoed it, then shared that video with the world.

That is your laptop. This is my .45.

His monologue — where he reads what he says his daughter wrote on her Facebook page — includes some profanity and what I think of as a litany of teen-age whininess (based on my listening to adult friends and relatives as well as nieces). Titled Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen, the video  has 3.7 million views as of this writing (125,486 likes, 9,392 dislikes):

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