Incredible street performance (and a word about sharing)

Taipei Street Performer

A friend shared the Thai clip on Facebook. I failed to “like” it, so when I wanted to show it to my husband, I couldn’t find it.

Thus began the journey that led to my discovering this video. I channeled my inner terrier, but it was “search” that I had my teeth sunk into, not a squirrel or a rat or a bone.

Asian Vitruvian Man” was shot in Taipei and uploaded October 28, 2011. Knock-offs are spreading like wildfire [1]. Not a single one that I’ve seen credits the source.

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Aaron Swartz and Cybercrime: Time To Wake Up


The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was written in response to 1983’s War Games, according to EFF attorney Marcia Hofmann.

Not only is it stone age in origin, much of its sweeping power rests in one ill-defined phrase — unauthorized access — and one contract clause — terms of service. Yes, this is a law that is both civil and criminal in nature. Continue reading