365 Project : Day 7

It was fabulous! That’s Alaska crab in endive front and center, fresh sliced peaches to the left, assorted veggies to the right, spicy mango salsa to the rear and a tiny bowl of Nut-Thins (pecan is yummy). Place: Wedgewood Neighborhood, Seattle Camera: iPhone4 Manipulation:  None Flickr Set : WiredPen Link : Follow Me on Twitter!

365 Project : Day 6

It rained today. Real rain at times, which is rare in Seattle. So I’m using a picture from yesterday’s walk. I’m having a blast with Hipstamatic, although I still haven’t figured out where the visible field is in the final shot; it’s certainly not centered! Place: near Lynndale Elementary School, Lynnwood WA (Google Maps) Camera: iPhone4 […]