1917, picketing the white house

Where could women vote in 1919?

As 1919 dawned, eight states still prohibited women from voting. Period. They ran along the (mostly) southeastern seaboard: Alabama Florida Georgia North Carolina Pennsylvania South Carolina Virginia West Virginia Most would also reject the 19th amendment; the exceptions were Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Only 15 states had granted full voting rights to women. With two exceptions, […]

Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, composite

Willie, Dylan and “standards”

Amazon Prime streaming brought me Bob Dylan’s latest songbook, Fallen Angels. I flashed immediately to 1978 and Willie Nelson’s Stardust. I don’t know if Willie’s was the first cross-over standards treatment, but it was my first. Willie and Dylan (funny how I think of them, firstName, lastName) both come from the tortured-not-pretty-voice side of musical stardom. Both have […]

earthrise from the moon, NASA, 2015

On this day … a commitment to science, technology and space

And humanity. On this day, 55 years ago, President John F. Kennedy challenged Congress and Americans to think big, to look beyond the stirrings of conflict in the developing world, to “turn recession into recovery”, and to turn our eyes to the stars. Unemployment was 7.1%, the peak of the recession. And the recovery he led — […]