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Journalism in 2016

Notes for Wayne Lynch class, at UW Tacoma TCOM 275: Writing, Reporting and Editing for Mass Media Slides: PPT / PDF Links/Resources Investor’s Business Daily op-ed Donald Rumsfeld Storify Data journalism NYC Structured Journalism WaPost, ISIS Curious Journalist Guide to Data Bad Data Guide Data Journalism Handbook Fact-Checking WaPo, Clinton, 2011 Sites that can help […]

Donald Rumsfeld Office Twitter

Deconstructing RumsfeldOffice: real or parody Twitter account?

Parody accounts are okay on Twitter. But how can you tell if an account is for real? Twitter provides two tips: The bio should indicate that the user is not affiliated with the account subject by stating a word such as “parody,” “fake,” “fan,” or “commentary,” and be done so in a way that would be […]