vote nov 8

Could our Presidential election be “rigged”? Five things you need to know

Headlines (and tweets) have sounded scary, from Feds believe Russians hacked Florida election-systems vendor to Media vulnerable to Election Night cyber attack. And then there was Friday’s DDoS attack. Rigged is one of Donald Trump’s favorite adjectives. Convention speaker schedule to be released tomorrow. Let today be devoted to Crooked Hillary and the rigged system […]

Voting Restrictions May, 2016

On this day … the voting rights struggle continues

On 6 August 1965, President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act. Because the 15th Amendment (1870) had failed to prevent widespread voter discrimination, states needed another legal kick-in-the-pants. That struggle is still ongoing. This year, courts have struck down onerous voter suppression laws (attacking voting rights by claiming “phantom election fraud“) in Kansas (July), North […]