How do you make headlines click friendly (and avoid link bait)?


If you want more people to read your online stuff (who doesn’t?), you’ve got a needle in the haystack problem. Good headlines can turn that needle into a golden goose, bringing traffic in the short- and long-term. Here’s how to write great headlines that won’t make your readers feel like you’re all sizzle, no steak.*

You Suck at Headlines (and So Do I), So How Do You Fix That? (via Repost)

If your headline is bad and you bury the lede in the eighth paragraph, your content won’t get read. Here’s how not to suck at writing headlines. An increasing amount of content site traffic comes from social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter…

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Doing Cable News Interviews Well

tv icon

tv iconThese aren’t “how to’s” per se but they are each an example of effective interview skills on the part of the television expert: Sen. Elizabeth Warren on CNBC and author Dr. Reza Aslan on FOX.

Why do I think they merit watching?

1. Both subjects are incredibly well-prepared.

By this I mean that they know their topics upside-down and inside-out. They are intimately familiar with facts and nuances. They are, in a phrase, subject matter experts, but SMEs who can speak in lay terms.

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