Tip: can’t log in to PayPal from iPad /iPhone apps

PayPal header

After going through a 360 process at least three times while trying to use PayPal to pay for Christmas movie tickets in Fandango … I gave up and started trying to find a solution using Google.

Read on to see how to enable PayPal payments on Fandango, if you’re having problems.

1. Log in to PayPal on your computer

With the new interface, click the cog in the upper right and navigate to settings.

PayPal - settings

2. Go to security settings

Go to security settings, then select edit your security key.
PayPal settings - security

3. Deactivate your mobile phone

And any other security keys you might have enabled.

4. Log in to PayPal on your device

You should be able to use your normal email/password combo.

5. Quit the application, then re-open

Shaking up the electrons, so to speak.

6. Create a PIN using the mobile app

It is possible that had I stopped here both the PayPal app and the Fandango app would have worked. However, I continued to step 7.

7. Go back to the PayPal website on your computer and re-activate your phone as a security key.


This worked, in the context of using PayPal as the payment method in Fandango.


I cannot log in to the PayPal app on my iPhone5 in iOS8.

PayPal app fail

So, this solution made it possible to use Fandango to buy movie tickets but killed my ability to use the PayPal app. Since I don’t use the PayPal app, I’ll consider this a minor inconvenience.

If you find a solution that doesn’t hobble the PayPal app, please respond in comments!


Apple’s 2013 Christmas ad: a story with a twist

Apple Christmas 2013 Ad


I almost added #kleenex to that tweet. I probably should have.

Without revealing the plot twist in the 90-second clip, I’ll simply say that I thought it was an effective reframing that makes the title, “Misunderstood,” resonate.

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Problems with iCloud Sync reported

broken iCloud

broken iCloud[updated]I just discovered that my newly upgraded-to-iOS7 iPad4 is not syncing calendar or notes entries to iCloud. Yet my not-upgraded iPhone5 is syncing in both places.

I checked GoogleNews without success, but I found an entry in the Apple Forums from September 20:

Since installing iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini, I’ve noticed that my iWork documents have stopped syncing across devices (those 2 mentioned and my MacBook Pro)…

Furthermore, I cannot access my documents from the iCloud.com website. If I log in and attempt to navigate to one of the iWork for iCloud programs, I just get sent back out to the icloud.com main menu screen and am asked to reenter my login info. I CAN access all other features of icloud.com without issue (Mail, Notes, Reminders, etc.), so this isn’t a total iCloud problem…

On September 24, Kento Ito wrote:

Unfortunalty, due to launch of iOS 7 and new iPhone, iCloud storage server suffered through massive failure. Because of the fact that each server needs to be fixed manually, the best solution at this point, according to Apple senior engineer I spoke with, is to sit tight, and wait. (even if it takes a week or so).

I upgraded to iOS7 on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, my iPad synced notes and calendar items with my MBP and iPhone. Today, after a 1.30 meeting where I took notes on the iPad, I discovered syncing was AWOL. It had disappeared by Wednesday night, as notes from a PM meeting are missing in iCloud.


Testing sync from iPhone5

ipad notes

Notes on iPad exist that have not been synced on the server

From Twitter




News reports

After I published the first version of this post, I discovered the MacWorld tweet while searching Twitter.


Apple Support

I connected with support via chat for two sessions/three reps.

Session 1: After a pleasant information exchange, Alex told me that iOS 7.0.2 update was helping some people with sync issues. Hung up and tried to update the OS via iTunes. (I always back up to my hard drive before starting any update. Since I’m connected via USB, my habit is to use iTunes for the update.) iTunes failed twice; not the same error message. It seemed as though something was hanging, because start-to-error was about 20 minutes.

iTunes error


iTunes error


Session 2: It was past midnight and I was getting tired. Christine asked about firewalls and virus software. No and no. She escalated to Kevin (he of the !s). Double checked to make sure the sync issue wasn’t in both directions; it wasn’t -> just iPad to iCloud. Double checked with contacts as well. Kevin asked me to update the OS over the air. Ah… success, very quickly.

This solved the calendar and contacts syncing issue, but not existing Notes. New Notes sync properly but the two old ones would not, even after editing. I copied&pasted (noting that fact so I can tell if the others ever show up) and now have full sync. Hope this helps someone else.



Tech support was very good. However, Alex had not heard of the issue with Ubiquity and syncs. I pointed him to this article & MacWorld.

  • I’m troubled by Apple’s response. Nothing on system status page and nothing to front-line support? Kevin, OTOH, seemed aware of the issues.






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