think before sharing

Essential behavior during breaking news events: think before sharing

It has not been a good week. Tuesday: Baton Rouge Wednesday: St. Paul Thursday: Dallas And so, I come on Twitter after hours of writing to find out that this day has gotten WORSE. Good God. #Dallas #BlackLivesMatter — KristineKathrynRusch (@KristineRusch) July 8, 2016 Dallas #blm protest was so orderly, peaceful that cops were posing […]

AP Tweets Clinton has the nomination

AP calls Democratic nomination for Clinton; in defense, says we didn’t say “nominee”

I can’t help it. I keep hearing “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman” over and over on the virtual cassette player in my brain. That ignominious statement is the dictionary illustration for the concept we call “political hairsplitting.” It’s where my mind raced when it bumped into this dichotomy from AP. Entry 1, Monday evening, […]