Twitter Accounts Every Journalism Student Should Follow

Earlier this month, USA Today Educate listed nine Twitter accounts that journalism students should follow. In this Storify, I provide my recommendations, a mix of educators, journalists and techies; media/news; and news-related organizations. You can also follow the list or subscribe to the RSS feed. Read the article at Storify! No embeds in sites yet. […]

Welcome To The Brave New World Of Higher Education

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is being offered online this fall, free of charge, to “students” around the world. The introductory class is historically one of the largest at Stanford University, with about 200 students. In a YouTube overview of the online class, professor Sebastian Thrun explains that his goal is to have about 200,000 online […]

Can Online Games Make Politics and Economics Fun?

If you’re Britain’s Channel 4 Education, then you think the answer to that question is more than a resounding “yes”. That’s because Channel 4 (owned by Espresso Education, not BBC4) recently launched a free online game designed to shine more than a wee of light on global fashion culture. Game designers at Littleloud consulted the UK-based charity, Labour Behind The […]

America’s Rejection Of Evolution Reflected In Miss U.S.A. Pageant

The first live radio broadcast from a trial was the Scopes trial in 1925. John Scopes, a Tennessee high school biology teacher, was convicted of violating the Butler Act, which prohibited teaching evolution in schools. His trial highlighted the divide between science and fundamentalist (literalist) religion in the United States. Flash forward to 2011: only one contestant in […]

Education Boon Of The Day

If you are interested in science, math and engineering — or teach these subjects — have I got news for you. The National Academies – National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council – is offering free PDFs of its catalog of more than 4,000 titles. The National […]