Session 1 – Web Technologies


Where We Were

The Web & How It Works

  • What do we know about the origins of the Web?
  • Browser battles and HTML 2, 3.0, 3.2 and 4.x
    • Who had heard of Opera before this reading?
  • Web servers: Apache v IIS
  • The new browser wars: mobile browsers

Alphabet Soup!

Understanding HTML

A Look Under The Hood

XHTML – building a basic page

  • Remember: structure matters!
  • Required
    • XHTML for this course
    • proper file naming convention
  • File name conventions and best practices
    • lower case
    • use “html” as your extension
    • noSpacesInFileNames.html or no_spaces_in_file_names.jpg
    • no special (# ! *) characters
    • put stuff in folders! (nothing “at root” but main home page)
  • Create first page
    • Create a new folder: proseminar_fall07
    • Download this sample “start” page (right-click)
    • Open it in your HTML editor
    • Modify the content
  • Test that first page
    • On your hard drive
    • On your dante account (
  • Lab: Convert an HTML page to an XHTML page

FTP - what it is, how it works (UWICK)

Assignment for Next Session:

  • Chapter 2, Meeting the “HT” in HTML, in Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML. Available via UW Libraries/Safari Online. Offcampus link.
  • Chapter 3, The Trouble With Standards, and Chapter 4, Findability, Syndication…, in Designing With Web Standards, Second Edition.
    • Put on your “I have been made manager of a web project” hat. Post a comment on this page about something that you learned in these readings that you could use if you were managing a web project.
  • Replace or edit the home page on your main dante account – put a link to the index.html page for this course work
  • Create a page (any page!) and link to your dante account index.html


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