How To Reset Your Jawbone Icon

Jawbone Icon Rogue

Jawbone Icon Rogue Series

Last month, I upgraded from the first generation Jawbone to the Jawbone Icon, Rogue series. I bought it because it could be paired with two devices (my iPhone and my MBP).

After two charging cycles, the bloody thing would not turn on when I needed it for an online video conference.

Who knows why this happens — certainly not me. But I did find a solution that worked for me in the Jawbone forums: a hardware reset.

If you have a Jawbone Icon and it won’t “turn on” — a reset may be your answer, too. Here’s what to do:

How to Reset Your Jawbone Icon

Illustrations follow the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Disconnect the Jawbone Icon from any power source.
  2. Turn it off (slide the power button so that no color shows).
  3. Insert the micro USB adapter — but do not have the adapter inserted into any power source.
  4. Press-and-hold the Icon’s “Talk button” (you need fingernails for this step) while you simultaneously plug the USB adapter into a power source (the AC adapter or a working USB slot on your computer).
  5. Release the Talk button.
  6. You should see the red light flash (LED) and then transition to a solid red glow.
  7. Remove the Jawbone Icon from the charger and turn the headset on. You should see a solid white LED.
jawbone icon talk button

Step 3: Jawbone Icon Talk Button

Jawbone Icon Back

Steps 2, 5 and 6: Back View of Jawbone Icon


Jawbone Icon User Guide

This pdf of the Jawbone Icon user guide is light on details.

Jawbone User Forum

If you are still having problems, I recommend checking out the Jawbone User Forum.


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  1. Hi
    Done this now have solid white light. But nothing else? Where do I go from here?

  2. Glad it worked for you! It’s a bit amazing that folks are still having this problem. =:-0


  4. Thank you! This worked perfectly for me.

  5. urgh….absolutely nothing is working for me. Just took it out of the box and turned it on, it worked and then it stopped. won’t charge or anything. totally dead before I even got to use it!

  6. nothing is working!!!! no lights no power!! very frustrated111

  7. Thank you Paul Buys, i was so disappointed when the upper method did not work, master reset was a breeze, you made me save at least 40$ on my new phone.

  8. OUTSTANDING! your method worked, when the methods on the jawbone website on troubleshooting failed! Thanks!

  9. *loss :)

  10. This is amazing! Thank you sooooo much! I was at a lose until you :)

  11. I absolutely love you right now!!!!! :D

  12. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE my icon! I’ve had it for over a year and have used it HARD. I was so disappointed when I pulled it off the charger this morning to find it dead. First time since I’ve owned it. At first, I thought it was the charger or the cord. But then I found this thread and YAY!!! Again, thanks!

  13. Thank you!! My Icon stopped working, and I was able to reset it but it still wouldn’t pair … till I tried Paul Buys Houses solution. Everything’s working again.

  14. Great tip. Got my Icon working again. The Master Reset is awesome.

  15. Paul Buys Houses says:
    28 December 2011 at 4:10 am
    If that fails, here’s how to do a Master Reset / Hard Reset on a Jawbone ICON:

    1) Turn it on, wait for the white blinking light.
    2) Click the talk button 6 times, fast.
    3) If you did it right, it’ll blink red.
    4) Long press the talk button
    5) It’ll flash red & white when master reset is complete

    Nothing else did b4 that :(

  16. This didn’t quite work for me — when I followed these instructions the red light would pulse as if charging. If I unplugged it and tried to turn it on, nothing would happen. I do believe holding the button in and plugging it into the charger did allow it to charge though. Previously I would plug in the headset and it would blink red (not pulse) for 30 seconds or so and then stop. It appears to be successfully charging now. Strange and annoying issue for such a new and expensive device! Mine is the updated Icon HD which might explain the different behavior.

  17. If that fails, here’s how to do a Master Reset / Hard Reset on a Jawbone ICON:

    1) Turn it on, wait for the white blinking light.
    2) Click the talk button 6 times, fast.
    3) If you did it right, it’ll blink red.
    4) Long press the talk button
    5) It’ll flash red & white when master reset is complete

  18. At the Jawbone Forums there are at least 2 separate threads with people saying “The same thing happened with my Icon!”

  19. I received the Icon exactly one week ago today. I used it twice with no problem. Tonight I pluged it in to charge, only the second time. No light at all. I went to and found the reset procedure.

    I tried the reset procedure several different ways. I tried to reset it for over an hour. I tried the wall outlet charger. I tried different USB ports. The Icon wouldn’t reset.

    I’m out $$$ unless I can fix this problem. Luckily I have my older Plantronics and Motorola headsets as backup. I should have stuck with Plantronics and Motorola.

  20. I did this step and my light still just flashes red and does not go solid

  21. Hey thanks…Thank god I saw this before I went out and ordered another one. Problem is that is a damn good headset and it would have been a shame to throw it in the bin after 2 months of use…

  22. Thank You!!!!!!!! The chat person at Jawbone couldn’t help me, but your tip cured my icon! Thanks!

  23. Wow! You are really really appreciated. This saved my…..okay, lots of time, effort and money. Thank you for posting!!!!! Seriously thankful.

  24. Thank you so much!!!!
    My Jawbone stopped working last week and I followed these steps and it’s working again! So glad I googled this before I went and bought another one!
    It did take me a couple tries to get it so if you do this make sure you hold the talk button until the light flash then turn solid once plugged in before removing.

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